Saturday, May 24, 2014

A Bottle Tree Garden on Route 66

I think every travel junkie dreams of driving from Santa Monica to Chicago on the historic Route 66.  I know I've been dreaming about it for a long time, but the truth is, there are miles and miles of driving on boring interstates so I'm no longer sure I really want to do the whole thing.  However, there are still a few original old sections to this epic drive and one of them is in my very own state--a 30 mile stretch from Victorville to Barstow in central California.

Last weekend, en route to Las Vegas, we took this short detour and found this enchanting bottle tree garden along the way.

It's a great folk art installation, created by Elmer Long.  He began this project in 2000 and the trees continue to grow in this colorful forested fantasy world.  Elmer, who is sometimes around, was not on site last Saturday, but there were several other Route 66 travelers with cars and cameras all lined up in front of the chain link fence  We put $5.00 in the donation box and spent a happy half hour wondering around, marveling at this artist's imagination and energy.  Besides Elmer's Bottle Tree Ranch, this stretch of road has some picturesque old abandoned gas stations and other buildings, giving it that ghostly vibe that keeps us travel junkies craving more.

 Okay, maybe I will drive the whole damn thing after all.

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