Wednesday, April 16, 2014

The Lafayette Cemetery

No tour of New Orleans is complete without a stroll through one of its many hauntingly beautiful above-ground cemeteries.  We chose the Lafayette in the Garden District, partly because we've seen this one in many movies like Interview with the Vampire and Double Jeopardy and because it's relatively small.  Built in the early 1800's many of the tombs hold the remains of European immigrants that flooded into New Orleans from Italy, Germany and Ireland.

Because the city was built on a swamp, the dead must be buried in crypts and mausoleums above the ground.  At this old historic cemetery, black mold crawls up the white-washed marble of the tombs.  Dried leaves line the ground.  The heavy limbs of Magnolia trees hang from above.  I admit to being a bit spooked.  But what a great venue for a movie!  Vampires?  Oh, yeah.  Zombies?  No doubt.  After walking through the Lafayette, I'm convinced these creatures are out there . . . just waiting . . . just waiting.

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