Monday, April 14, 2014

A Walk through the Garden District

New Orleans is a walking city so there's no need for a car.  We ended up walking everywhere--from the Warehouse District, through the French Quarter and over into the Faubourg Marigny district for the music.  Even the Garden District, which is further away, is easy to get to via the streetcars.  But what a fun place for a stroll!  Our guidebook had a good map with the star attractions like Anne Rice's former home, the Benjamin Button house and historic homes like the Payne House where Confederate president Jefferson Davis died, all dutifully noted for us.  We started out following their recommended path, but inevitably forged our own.  Every single home was beautiful and unique.  Those balconies!  Those cupolas!  Those trees! Those colors!

We got completely lost and finally, a bit hungry.

"Maybe we should head back toward Magazine Street and get some coffee and pastry," I suggested.

"But don't you want to see Sandra Bullock's house?" my travel buddy asked.

"Sandra who?"

He laughed.  The stars of the Garden District are the old mansions themselves.  People come and go, but these gorgeous homes will outlast them all.

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