Monday, March 17, 2014

The Indispensable Messenger Bag

I think I finally found it.  That perfect bag.  As a travel blogger, there are things I need to carry with me ALL THE TIME, you know?   Like two cameras, an extra lens and a notebook, not to mention my cell phone, wallet, sunglasses, water bottle and extra sweater.  I can't go anywhere without these things and I've struggled with how to walk for miles with all my stuff AND still be stylish, comfortable and secure.  For a long time, I kept my cameras and extra lenses in a camera bag,  but on a recent trip to Panama, I was advised not to carry a separate camera bag especially with a logo.  Such bags are prime targets for those nasty grab and run punks.  I've also learned not to carry a backpack in cities after someone tried to yank one off my back in Paris.  Messenger bags with a secure cross-body strap seemed to be the way to go.  My problem was they were all too small.  Until . . . I found this gorgeous one from mr.luggage, an online site.   It's called a Karrimor Indie 18 Messenger Bag and comes in three colors:  black, red and blue.

I've taken it on two mini-trips already and it's going with me on a week-long trip to New Orleans the end of the month.  It fits all my criteria.  It holds everything I need so now I can carry one bag instead of two.  I put my cameras in the padded laptop sleeve and my other essentials in the main compartment.  There are three zipped compartments for chargers and extra batteries, cell phone, etc.  The broad shoulder strap has a pad so it's comfortable and there are clips to hold the fold-over lid down for added security.  And best of all (well . . .according to Mimi, anyway) that dusty blue color is icing on the cake!

It's a very well thought-out bag.  My problem has been solved.

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