Friday, March 7, 2014

The Historic Town of Evora

World Heritage Sites

This little town in Portugal has it all.  A Roman temple.  A Gothic church.  Manueline-Moorish ruins.  A chapel made out of human bones.  A 16th century aqueduct.  Fountains.  Great restaurants.  Narrow cobble stoned streets.  No wonder Evora was added to the UNESCO World Heritage Site list in 1986.  It is representative of the Golden Age of Portugal, but its history goes back 20 centuries to the Roman Celtic times.

But none of the above is why Evora remains special to me.  In my journal, I wrote:  Miracle of miracles.  I slept the whole night through--the first time in six months!  I love Evora!  The cycle of insomnia was finally broken and I continued to sleep well for the rest of the trip.

I can't help but wonder if this is one reason I love to travel so much.  I have suffered from chronic insomnia most of my adult life, but it almost always breaks after a few days of travel.  Perhaps it's the excitement of seeing and learning new things.  The release of stress.  The complete "letting go" of problems back home.  For a few blessed weeks there are no bills, no chores, no difficult bosses to contend with, and no newspapers to read.  The stock market can plunge, another war can break out, and I am blissfully unaware of it.  I am drinking wine in a city square with the ghosts of people who mock me.  Live while you can, they wisely beseech me.  Stop worrying about not sleeping.  Too soon, you will never wake up.

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