Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Walking to Castelo dos Mouros

Is it my imagination or does the earth really spin backwards when I walk among ruins?  Weeks, decades, centuries, I am thrown into a far away world.  I am a part of history.  I am one with humanity.  I don't mean to sound sappy, but it is this feeling of magic that makes me keep moving forwards.  Or backwards.  Where am I?  It is unclear.

The trail leading up to this Moorish Castle, above the town of Sintra, Portugal, was memorable -- winding, lush, romantic, and full of promise.  We walked slowly, exploring the ruined walls, arches and moss-covered rocks along the way.  Walking the ramparts, however, was our ultimate destination and we were not disappointed.  This castle, originally built by the Moors, was captured in 1147 by a Christian army.  It was beautifully restored in the 19th century.

From the top of the castle, I felt I was looking over the entire country of Portugal.  There are great views of Sintra and of other nearby castles.  But it is the realization that I was standing on one thousand years of history that made me shiver.  And makes me keep traveling year after year.  Forwards.  Backwards.   Where the heck am I?  It still remains unclear.

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