Tuesday, December 10, 2013

The Beaches of Bastimentos

By the end of our three day stay in the Bocas del Toro islands off Panama, I came to the conclusion that the Garden of Eden is a state of mind.  We had endless conversations about this mythical paradise.  Heaven.  Nirvana.  Utopia.   All of these places can be found right here on this planet at any given moment.  Sometimes they pop up unexpectedly.  Sometimes they must be sought out.  We had read that the beaches on Bastimentos Island were among the most beautiful in the world.  So, of course, how could we not seek them out?

Once again we hailed a water taxi to take us across the water from tiny Isla Solarte to the big island of Bastimentos.  We were curious about Red Frog Beach, but newly-made friends had told us about a path through the jungle to lesser known beaches.  We did both.  The beaches, further down, were completely isolated.  This is one reason why we like to travel off season.  Yes, bad weather is a risk, but so far most of the rain and thunder storms had occurred at night.  

Red Frog was more crowded, since there were a couple of bars on either end, which we patronized.  Twice.  There were trees to sit under for shade.  The water, Caribbean warm and crystal clear.  The breaking waves were perfect for body surfing.  My travel buddy . . . well, what can I say?  He had found his heaven.
Right here on Earth.
Very Tempting

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