Sunday, December 1, 2013

Carousels and Tweed Caps

Can you travel back in time?  Absolutely.  Certain places, certain items of clothing, a scent or a song can evoke such strong images in your mind that it's hard to distinguish between hallucination and reality.  Once I get on a carousel, the decades fall away with each rotation.  I am back in the 50's without a worry in the world.  This is why I seek out carousels whenever I travel.  I have an entire folder on my computer dedicated to these merry-go-rounds.  Their Golden Age is over, but they can still be found  . . .

 . . .and so can those tweed flat caps so favored by my dad.  Last week I found a herringbone cap identical to the one he wore every winter.  He had dozens of them.  Cotton and linen ones for the warm months; wool ones for the cold months.  The minute I put it on, he was once again by my side, waving and watching as I went round and round and round.

"Hold on tight," I heard him yell.  Then, in a weaker voice.  "Don't forget me, Marea.  Don't forget me."

No way, dad.  No way.

Sharing this post with Style Crone's Hat Attack.  Please check out her wonderful blog for more great hats and more trips down Memory Lane.


  1. Okay, where's my tissue? My Dad talks to me when I'm in my car...figures, he was a mechanic by trade. Such a lovely post, and it's nice to meet you too. Polka dots always have me at hello, but yes, it is your cap that steals the show! You wear it ever so well!

  2. Beautiful photos and the memories of your father are touching. Thank you for linking to Hat Attack in the tweed cap that reminds you of your father. I am honored.