Sunday, September 1, 2013

Floppy Hats

Mimi and I wear hats all the time.  Floppy hats protect us from the sun, but the truth is, we need no excuse to wear a hat!  Rain.  Sunshine.  Morning.  Night.  At home and abroad.  We carry a hat wherever we go.  The comment I receive most often is:  "Only you can get away with it."  What does that even mean?

So when I stumbled across the wonderful blog, Style Crone, and discovered the monthly Hat Attack, I realized I was not alone in my love of hats.  As Mimi pointed out, "You know what, Marea?  I think we've found our tribe."


  1. You and Mimi are wearing spectacular floppy hats! Indeed, you are not alone in your love of hats! Thank you so much for linking up with Hat Attack and hope to see you for next month's edition.

    1. Thank you for hosting Hat Attack. Pure joy!

  2. Love this and love floppy hats! I have heard that "only you can get away with it" comment as well. I think they mean that they are not brave enough to be fabulous in a hat. :-) Found you at Judith's, nice to meet you! xo

  3. Thank you, Gabriala, for your feedback. I hope you're right!

  4. Who doesn't love floppy hats? Welcome to the Tribe!

    Popped by from Hat Attack #2.