Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Climbing Mt. Kosciuszko

Once upon a time my travel buddy had a lofty ambition:  To climb all Seven Summits.  He began with Mt. Kosciuszko in New South Wales, Australia.  It is an easy hike up to the 7,310 ft. peak, so it seemed like a good place to start.   My intention was to follow him up for awhile.  After all it was pretty cold and I had a baby strapped to my back.   After a couple of hours I would walk back down and spend the afternoon in front of the lodge's fireplace with hot chocolate and a good book.  (Baby cooperating, that is!)

Well, it was such an easy gradual incline and the air felt so crisp and pure and the scenery was so beautiful, I just kept walking.   And walking.  And walking.   Before I knew it, I was at the top.

Of course, the next morning we were pretty sore.  It turned out to be a seven-hour hike, but all three of us can now brag about climbing the highest mountain in Australia.  One down.  Six to go.  My travel buddy, now in his 60's, probably won't scale Mt. Everest or Mt. Vinson in Antarctica, but Kilimanjaro is still a possibility (even for me).  He might even attempt Aconcagua, Mt. Elbrus and Mt. McKinley.  They are high, but the climbing isn't too technical.  He's in good shape for an old guy.

Who knows?  Even if he doesn't succeed at climbing all seven, that little toddler of ours, now a young man, just might!  Training started young.

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