Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Shopping in Gunnison

Ah, shopping for souvenirs!  There was no way I was going to leave this quaint little town without checking out the stores on Main Street.  Happily, my travel buddy, always looking for that perfect pair of hiking boots, went his way and I went mine.  I spent a blissful couple of hours poking into boutiques, jewelry stores and antique shops.  One whole hour, I confess, was spent in Boom-A-Rang, a whopping 10,000 square foot consignment shop, filled with vintage clothes, furniture and other junk you can't live without!  I found this top, modeled by Mimi, for only $16.00--it's perfect for travel--light, breezy, comfortable.  I wore it the very next day on another hike in Colorado.
Mimi approved.  And when she's happy, I'm happy!

Although my travel buddy didn't find a pair of hiking boots that day, he's starting to get into the pleasure of the hunt.  "You know, this shopping thing is kind of fun," he said.  Can you believe it?

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