Friday, August 9, 2013

Shopping for Souvenirs

I bought the above owl necklace and red bag during my trip to Athens many years ago.  To me, buying souvenirs during my travels is as important as the photographs I take.   That I still wear these two accessories decades later, makes me realize the value of such purchases.  The owl has a very special meaning.  This little creature was Athena's favorite bird.  Because she was the Goddess of Wisdom and the protector of Athens, the bird came to symbolize her powers.  Because owls were protected, great numbers of these birds inhabited the Acropolis.  What a sight that must have been!

To have an owl fly over a soldier was a good omen.  It meant victory in battle.  The owl also watched over Athenian tradesmen.  It was used on coins for commerce throughout the Classical and Hellenistic eras.   Since they are nocturnal, seeing an owl in flight is a rare and joyous event.

The red straw hat was a more recent purchase.  I bought it last week at Hats Unlimited at the Ventura Harbor, a fantastic shop filled with hats of every shape and color.  Accessories can often make an outfit, but when they hold special meaning from a memorable trip, they become even more precious.


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