Wednesday, August 7, 2013

A Greek Restaurant in Ventura

Favorite Pit Stops

Photos can trigger memories of great trips.  So can food.  Because we've been craving a good gyro, we stopped at The Greek at the Harbor restaurant in Ventura on our way home from Thousand Oaks last week.  My Greek salad and my travel buddy's chicken souvlakia  transported us back to that wonderful summer we spent in Athens and Paros.

 Didn't order a gyro, after all, but let me tell you, the hummus was as as creamy as soft-serve ice cream.  We love this waterfront restaurant and its authentic Greek cuisine.  After a good meal, walking around the harbor is always a fun thing to do.  There are lots of shops and although the harbor is a bit touristy, the fishing boats remind us that many people make their living from the sea, just like they do in the Mediterranean.

 I'm not sure we'll ever make it back to Greece, but we'll return here often.  I'm still craving that gyro!

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  1. Gyro totally was one of the reasons for me to fall in love with Greece :D I like to think I might live there one day and already start choosing a suitable apartment in Athens Please wish me luck!