Sunday, March 3, 2013

Shopping in Old Town Temecula

Mimi and I left our travel buddy in a cozy corner at the local Starbucks and set out to shop the six hundred or so antique stores in Old Town Temecula.  We didn't get too far.  Mimi's colleagues were out in full force and did a stellar job luring us in.  At Up Your Alley you would think Mimi and the front porch mannequin had known each other for years.  They had me try on nearly everything in the store.  We ended up taking the shawl off her friend's back and putting it on mine, where it stayed for the rest of the day.
We loved the way the slit back shawl was styled with the horizontal lined skirt.  I opted for a simple gray maxi skirt instead--one that I will probably wear all summer with a tank top and sandals.

The minute I put the shawl on, Mimi crooned.  "Oooh, you look like a reptile."  Now, most people might be offended by this, but it was so different and so cool, my decision was instantaneous.  The owner of the shop carried a variety of these shawls.  They are made by Shawl Dawls and can be worn fifteen different ways.  I have a feeling I'll be contacting her for more.  I keep dreaming about the navy blue sheer one, and you know what that means!
This is the way Mimi and I will wear it--backwards with a white tank and jeans.
Our maxi skirt purchase.

I've been retired from the retail world for a year now, and I have to admit sometimes I miss it.  When I was browsing among some vintage clothes in one of the antique stores, another woman my age tried on a beautiful old hat with pheasant feathers.  I pulled a Mimi.  "Oh my god, you look fantastic," I gushed.  "You have to buy that hat."

She looked at me and my black fedora.  "I see we speak the same language," she said, smiling.  "My husband hates my hats, but this would look so great with a simple black shift."


We went on to talk about those husbands of ours and their unbelievable indifference to fashion.  While mine was still ensconced at Starbucks, hers was in a diner with the Los Angeles Times.  We became instant friends.  And, yes, she bought the hat!

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