Monday, March 11, 2013

Hans Christian Andersen Park

Once again I find myself utterly alone in a world still fast asleep.  That I am now a "morning person" continues to astound me.  Yet, it is six a.m and I am wide awake.  My hour of magic begins.

I had hoped to see deer grazing in Hans Christian Andersen Park, but I do not see a single creature.  Not even a squirrel.  The playground is empty.  The walking trails exposed.  I pause at a sign warning lone hikers of mountain lions.  Should I continue?  Is it fool-hardy?
The roots of an ancient oak form tendrils down a sloping hill.  Green moss brightens stone steps.  This world is so beautiful, all thoughts of danger disappear.  I walk on.
And then I see it.  Massive wings behind a locked gate.  I peer inside to see a wooden eagle.  "Release me," he taunts and for a fraction of a second I attempt to do just that.  I pull on the door.  I wiggle the rusty lock.  Both are flimsy.  With a single yank, I could easily set him free.  "Only if you take me with you," I say.
. . .and my magic hour continues.

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