Friday, March 29, 2013

At the Malibu Country Mart

Because I hate driving on the freeways in L.A., I will often take the slower, more scenic route down the Pacific Coast Highway.  Okay, I confess, it gives me the opportunity to swing into the Malibu Country Mart and the Malibu Lumber Yard for a quick shopping fix.  I love the lazy, laid back vibe of these places, but don't be fooled by the dancing pigs and home grown deli, this is upscale shopping.   Because I'm now retired, it's a look- and- touch- only kind of place.  I have recently stored away my "dress-up" clothes.  Babette is being replaced by Urban Outfitters.   My twenty pairs of heels are covered in cobwebs.  It's Converse, baby, from now on.

There are some beachwear places tucked in between Ralph Lauren and Missoni and some great outdoor places to eat.  There's a large playground and wonderful pieces of whimsical sculptures strewn about the posh grounds.  So even if you're on a budget, like me, you can enjoy the place.  Go ahead and grab that $7.00 burger and soak up some rays.
And who knows?   You might even get lucky.  I popped into Anouk and found this great top on the sale rack for only $60.00.  I tell you, Mimi is getting a little worried about my new lifestyle.  California funk is not her taste, but she'll take what she can get!

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