Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Shopping in Cambria

Every once in awhile I go solo, leaving my travel buddy behind.  Why?  TO SHOP.
You know that phrase, "Shop 'til you drop"?  Well, I never drop.  But he does!  Mimi and I can go on forever and ever.

Cambria is a great place for shopping.  It's small so you can cover both the East and West Villages in a day.  There are lots of antique stores, gift shops, art galleries and "wearable art" clothing stores.  I can poke, prod and try on clothes to my heart's content without someone tapping his foot behind me.  Pure bliss!
Of course, deciding what to buy is always a challenge, especially when you're on a budget.  Mimi and I finally agreed on a simple moonstone and topaz necklace.
I bought some Christmas gifts at a gourmet shop--always safe and always appreciated by recipients.  I continued to wander through the antique shops to find more vintage items for our wardrobe.  Almost bought some gloves, but Mimi reminded me I  don't wear the ones I have!   Her fellow colleagues kept wanting to force sequins and fur and
old army jackets on her.  While she tried to convince them to tone down their look, I took a coffee break.
Christmas decorations were out in full swing.  I love Christmas.  It gives me a reason TO SHOP.

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