Monday, December 31, 2012

Eloise and the Uniform

I am usually shy about taking pictures of people.  It's so much easier taking a photograph of a building or a work of art.  Permission is never needed.  (Well, not always.)   While in Istanbul, howevever, these school girls approached me.   They reminded me of my favorite doll, Eloise.  Like her, they wore navy blue uniforms with white Peter Pan collars.

The crowds at the Blue Mosque and Hagia Sophia were noisy and the lines were long.  These girls were as bored as I was and happy to have something to do while waiting.  "Getting bored is not allowed."  This was Eloise's motto.  Kay Thompson created this delightful six-year-old who lived at the Plaza Hotel in New York in a series of children's books that I read over and over as a little girl.  Who wouldn't want to live at the Plaza and have crazy adventures?
  Oh, my.  Who wouldn't want to live at the Plaza and have crazy adventures?   I never realized how much an impact Eloise had on my life until today!
Mimi loves Eloise, too!

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