Sunday, November 25, 2012

Driftwood Sculptures

This wet, moody, fog-enriched beach is found on the west coast of Vancouver Island in the Pacific Rim National Park Reserve.  Appropriately named "Long Beach", it is a vast strip of surf swept sand, an outdoor gallery of cedar, spruce and hemlock logs that have floated in from the wild Pacific or fallen from the rainforest behind it.

This area gets 118 inches of rain a year.   By the time we walked its length, we were chilled to the bone.  Even though it's one of the world's lonely places, people are pulled to its shore like a powerful rip tide.   Some people come here to see the fury of the ocean and watch the winter storms; others create art and compose lines of poetry.  Nature has that effect on people.  There are endless treasures to be discovered here--the best, within ourselves.


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