Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Laughing Men

Art in Public Places

We were feeling a little blue after walking around Vancouver in the pouring rain, but when we stumbled across this group of bronze giants, half-naked and laughing like maniacs, we couldn't help but join in their reverie.  So what if it was raining?  So what if my suitcase was lost?  So what if my best boots were soaked through?  Life is to be celebrated and laughed at, especially during times of hardship.  And I mean really?  Hardship?  Being cold, wet and without a change of clothes was only temporary.  I started to laugh.  My travel buddy started to laugh.  All was well.
These fourteen figures were temporarily lent to Vancouver during the 2010 Olympics by Yue Minjun, a sculptor from China.  They were supposed to be returned this year, but Lululemon owner, Chip Wilson, bought them for the city and they are now on permanent display at the corner of Denman and Davies St., just south of Stanley Park.  Minjun called his art, "A-Mazing Laughter".  They were meant to celebrate public art, but they do so much more.  They celebrate Life.

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