Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Roosters of Arroyo Grande

On my morning walk of Arroyo Grande, I came across this flock of chickens and roosters by the creek.  A woman was scattering feed for them in the parking lot and they were having a grand old time.  They were completely fearless, letting me stick my camera lens right down in their faces. 

"What's with these roosters?" I muttered out loud, not even realizing it.  Another early riser, a man walking his dog, heard me.  "People buy chickens for pets, realize how much work they are and then abandon them.  Been going on for years."
The local population has decided to make the roosters the town's unofficial mascots.  Obviously, they are well fed and someone has even built chicken coops on either side of the creek.  City officials have shrugged their shoulders, allowing the little guys to stay as long as they behave themselves.
They were fun to watch and fairly harmless, although this cocky one above wasn't about to give up his bench for me.  I suppose as long as they stay by the creek and don't wander into the neighborhoods, they'll be allowed to stay.  
Rooster artwork is found all over the village in various shapes and forms.  In Arroyo Grande, these guys definitely rule the roost!

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