Wednesday, September 5, 2012

John Steinbeck's Grave

Thank goodness a sign was posted at the Garden of Memories Cemetery in Salinas or I wouldn't have found his grave site. The place is huge. With the help of my trusty GPS, Miss Garmin, I found 768 Abbott Street just fine but it took some hunting to find this colorful sign.
John Steinbeck died in New York on December 20, 1968.  At his request, he wanted his ashes to be interred in the Hamilton family plot in Salinas, California.  It seems right and appropriate that he would be returned to the place of his birth and the place that inspired so many of his great books.

The gravestone is simple and unpretentious.  I used to think that if anyone had achieved immortality it was John Steinbeck, but as I looked around the site surrounded with hundreds upon hundreds of gravestones, I began to wonder.    . . .for dust thou art, and unto dust shalt thou return.

  One of my sons had read Of Mice and Men in high school; my other son had heard of John Steinbeck, but had never read any of his books.  How could this be?  I used to think immortality was achieved through great art, literature and architecture.  I know better now.  Buildings are razed; art is destroyed by fire; and great writers, even Nobel Prize winners, are no longer read.

Steinbeck Country


  1. Thanks for you page. I found it after watching Of Mice & Men. The John Malkovich version, which I highly recommend. I usually start off with IMDB while watching a movie. I ended up at Google Maps street view, and Find A Grave. Then doing a Google images I accidentally entered the address for the cemetary. When the images came up, I saw your photo of the Steinbeck sign. Which led me to your page, which is a very nice tribute to Steinbeck. Thanks for your little blog. It was a nice ending to my own "Steinbeck" search, which I made from right here in my recliner!
    Southaven, Ms

  2. Thank you for this info...I started reading more of Steinbeck because my son read "OF MICE AND ME". I watched the Malcovich movie( i have the DVD),too. He was a poet and an real story one does it better.