Thursday, August 16, 2012

Ventura Courthouse Padres

The 24 padre faces which adorn the Ventura County Courthouse honor the Spanish friars who founded this community in California.  Every face is different.  The sculptor captured their unique personalities and they are an absolute delight.  I'm sure they have names, but as I walked around this beautiful neo-classic building, I found myself  naming them Happy, Sleepy, Grumpy and Doc.  Sorry, guys!

The building was designed in 1910 by Albert C. Martin, Sr.  Such imposing classic architecture with its rich ornamentation was considered appropriate for public buildings at the time,  but the faces give it a modern whimsical touch.  Martin also designed the Los Angeles City Hall, Sid Grauman's Million Dollar Theater, and St. Vincents Catholic Church.  He is considered one of Southern California's early great architects.  This building is a California Historical Landmark.

I love the way the large statue of  Fr. Juniperro Serra stands guard in front.  He and his fellow padres are still guardians of the City of Ventura. 

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