Thursday, July 26, 2012

Cabrillo Beach Bathhouse

After driving through Los Angeles on the 405, I get really really neurotic.  I decided the only way to relax is to go back in time to a world free of crazy drivers and gridlock.   In the 1930's, I would have taken the "Red Car", the trolley line which ran out to Cabrillo Beach in San Pedro every weekend during the hot summer months.  I would go to the bathhouse, rent a swimsuit and a towel for ten cents and dive into the cold Pacific.
After my swim, I would go back to the bathhouse and take a hot shower; then grab the picnic basket I brought with me and go back to the beach for an afternoon in the sun.

This beautiful Mediterranean-style bathhouse is still being used today.  It was declared a historic landmark in 1989.  Of course, you can no longer rent towels and swimsuits, but the showers and bathrooms are still free and last week while I was there, loads of people were using them.

While I was taking pictures, an old woman walked out of the bathhouse in a bright red swimsuit and yellow bathing cap.  I followed her to the beach, intending to ask her permission to photograph her, but she ran into the water before I could catch up.  I bet she is one of those legendary Cabrillo Polar Bears.  She looked so at ease in the water.  Thirty years from now, that is going to be me.   Ninety-years-old and swimming in the ocean.  Every single glorious day.

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